leprechauns or groundhogs instead

February 14, 2006

I think one of the Valentine’s Day was where I was single and alone and drank my ass off at Durty Nelly’s with my Mom and her friends, many moons ago. One of my worst V day, was when I was 15.

It was the same calendar format we have today…this started on Saturday and ended on V-day on Tuesday.

Saturday, I took my first love to see Chicago (band not the musical) and this was when I had about a 103 degree temperature. I saved up for these tickets and wanted to take my beautiful girlfriend to see them. I took her, sweating from immense temperature all evening. Came home and collapsed.

Sunday: Didn’t hear from her. I slept most of the day. fever at 103

Monday: School started back, didn’t hear from her. fever at 102.

Tuesday, valentine’s day: I had purchased a half-dozen roses to be sent to her today. School let out at 3, didn’t hear from her. Called at 5 and asked “hey did you get the roses?”, her: “um yeah, we need to talk”. Blah blah blah, something about being a senior (yeah she was 18 and I was 15) and wanting to not be tied down at the end of high school.

Now: This was half a lifetime ago. Hell, if I were 15 today and this happened, woah be the LiveJournal or MySpace journal.

Happy Valentines Day