Career Change

February 22, 2006

I’ve been seriously thinking about going back into web design. I have a few interviews coming up in that field, but I’m always worried that they’re not gonna make me an offer and shake my hand and shoo me out the door.

For a lot of my ideas in life, I’ve had plans a, b, and c. Right now, I can only look for a job, stick to this job I dislike, and deal with it. Not ideal, but being under pressure and stress with this process has me thinking about making a different type of career change.

I’m not bad at design, I have a good eye for color and shapes and ideas. I’m actually thinking about, if everything else kinda fails, going back to school or see about what it takes to be an interior designer. (and no, I’m not gay or bi or metro). I’ve designed, or had my hand in, a few rooms that have turned out beautiful. Lots of vibrant colors, lots of art and it’s all simple and not garish. But doing it free or just with my ideas is one thing, going to school and doing it as a job is another. That’s idea #2.

Idea #1, is more about music. It involves music, it involves drums, it involves me making money. People get surprised when I talk about $11k drum kits. Hell, I’m surprised there is a market for them, but there is. A lot of music stores are noisy and appeal to the “wanker” market….people who go in, play loud…kinda like the ricer crowd in cars….they come in, play music loud and drive off. I’ve been calling my project “the yuppie drum shop”.

Nice colors, nice inviting surroundings, cross a music store with a coffeehouse. Small atmosphere and small inventory. Keep the little items, sticks, magazines, drum heads, videos and a small selection of more cost-efficient vintage and new kits. But work on getting a few “nice” expensive kits and sell those as well. Also….make sure it’s in a good location.

I’ve had multiple people, music store owners and actual presidents of instrument makers, tell me that Chattanooga is a dead market. They just want a couple of brands and that’s it. I’d like to think, maybe I’m being overly idealistic, but I’d like to believe that there really is a market…a niche one, to which a shop like mine would appeal.

I guess the biggest worry is money. I like money, I need money, but how much can I live off of? I think I could live off of $40k a year. That’s not a lot, not a lot less than I make now, but would be a good point of living.

I ponder what it would take, financially, loans and such to do this?