Is Superman Naturalized?

February 22, 2006

{Elvis Drinkmo: Batman } – “Batman was and will always be my favorite comic book superhero; the rich and eccentric billionaire, Bruce Wayne, stalking the streets in search of criminals to exact revenge for the loss of his parents at the hands of a street thug. And one thing was always certain about Batman, you always knew by his actions that he was only a step or two away from actually being as warped and insane as those he pursued in the name of justice.”

I’m a Batman fan. I openly admit that. While I’m not really a comic book-reading person, I love the stories. The latest movie just re-ignited my Batman interest.

I always thought it was interesting that we consider Superman the superhero who best exemplifies America. When in reality, it’s Batman who’s more of the American hero. Then again, we outsource a lot of our dirty work to our immigrant population, why would that be different if you’re from Krypton or India or Guatemala?