Kottke not PBS

February 22, 2006

{Oh, what a year (kottke.org) } – “I’m not going to be asking for contributions again. Part of it has to do with the reasons outlined at the bottom of this post. I haven’t grown traffic enough or developed a sufficient cult of personality to make the subscription model a sustainable one for kottke.org…those things just aren’t interesting to me.”

Jason ends his micropatron experiment, after one year. Interesting stats at the bottom of the post. Basicially the average donation was about $27. Not bad and very sustainable over time. I was really interested in that fact, not really the total amount, but what would the average contribution be.

Let’s take it back -$2. I think most of us would be happy with the couple of hundred of dollars $25-per-reader would give us. My friend Eric has a wonderful (non-porn) private website/messageboard where even $20 a year has made it very lucrative.

I think most of us would be very lucky to even get a fraction of what Jason received. While a lot of us look at AdSense or affiliate programs, he took it to his readers and it was actually successful. Hell, I was in a room full of people at BlogNashville and they were all (except for some people from non-profits who shouldn’t have been in there) wanting to know how to make some money from a blog. I equate it to being into arts & crafts: we handmake something and we’d like to make a little money from our hobbies. There are people making a little income from craft fairs, so why shouldn’t people make money from websites.

My best friend is building a website where she will invest a lot of her time in trying to make it successful. Both financially and in PR efforts. Putting music up, giving tutorials, and just writing in her own way. These are the type of websites where you can make a decent income from. Drumblog, if my current job wasn’t so demanding, would have been making a few hundred a month. When I stopped working on it, we were making about $100 a month between AdSense and a majority from affiliate programs. To be able to write on a few websites and be able to make a living is a dream that can be possible.

Jason did it on one, why can’t the rest of us do it on 2,3 or 5?