Sarah Silverman

March 7, 2006

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MTV: And you have an unusual love interest in your Comedy Central pilot …

Silverman: There is a love scene with God, and a very awkward morning after. And no, he doesn’t even use protection. He probably doesn’t even have sperm. But he appears, and he’s black, and I go, “Are you God’s black friend?” It doesn’t even occur to me that it could be God, but then I learn. It’s really absurd. It’s just ridiculous. I dare you not to pick it up, Comedy Central. And it’ll have a song in every episode. “

I’m a comic fan. Not of the books but of the people who tell countless jokes in front of a brick wall. I’ve been a fan of Sarah for years and one of her “bits” is one of my favorites….it’s on the middle of the page ….

Ten years ago, when Silverman had recently moved to Los Angeles, she decided to try something conceptual in her standup routine. She took a pair of khaki pants, dabbed a tiny bit of red paint in the crotch, and wore them to a gig at a club called Largo. After telling jokes for five minutes, she started roaming around the stage, admonishing herself aloud for not using it to better advantage. She did a somersault, and heard a slight, mortified intake of breath. “I just thought it would be an experiment, interesting because the audience would think it was funny and also be dying for me,” Silverman says. “Then I went back and did five more minutes of jokes, to see how it changed the room, how it was this elephant in the room.” At the end of the set, she allowed herself to notice the stain, and said wincing, “Did you guys–you, you must think that I have my period and you’re probably dying for me. Of course you did. Why wouldn’t you? No.” She paused and said, as if to reassure, “I had anal sex for the first time tonight.”

Not only did she pass up a “taboo” topic she really chose a really taboo topic as her response. She’s a real sacred cow comedian.