Answers & Carly Simon

March 10, 2006

To answer some of your questions….

Nope, still don’t have an official answer about the new job. They’re still running background checks (credit,employment,education,personal). Yesterday they called my big boss, so at least I know they’re actually doing a background check instead of saying they are, like some other companies I’ve dealt with.

If I hear something today, I’ll post it here and I’ll update my LinkedIn acct. & resume, accordingly. 🙂


See, I just knew that they would make an offer after I posted that.

So, it’s official, I have a new job starting April 3rd. I’m going back into web design for a large regional organization, who will remain anonymous. Like I said above, to paraphrase, my LinkedIn and resume’ will be updated very soon.

Yes, it’s in Chattanooga.

Yes, I’ll be working in web design.

Yes, I’m very happy.

Yes, I’m scared nervous.

Yes, I’m getting more money & MUCH better benefits.

Yes, I’m going to work less hours. Goodbye, 24/7 on-call.

Yes, I’m getting rid of this fucking Blackberry.

This will be the largest company for whom I’ve worked and to be THE web designer instead of A web designer is not only an honor, it’s a complement. (so that will help this lack of self-asteem, I occasionally fight).

Thanks for everyone’s support!