backroad thoughts

March 13, 2006

Our niece got sick at the last moment, so instead of going to her baptism or whatever they call it (they’re methodist, it’s not a methodism), we wound up driving some backroads of north Georgia with the in-Laws. Two of the places we visited were Fort Mountain and Barnsley Gardens (official ).

The drive brought up a bunch of thoughts in me. For the mountain, the thoughts of Welch Pagans living in the N.GA mountains in the 1100’s never crossed my mind. But the native Americans in that area, described “Moon Eyes”. Blond people who came our at night and who were some type of moon or sun worshiping people. Would they be Pagan or druids?

Another drive thought, was seeing this ornate house that’s on the historical record. I highly doubt that Chief Vann every thought that upon his huge expanse of land would ever exist a ratty gas station. We would see these brand new houses right across the street from some little marker and questions if any of these people knew the historical significance of where they were living. It’s not just Civil War stuff, we had Revolutionary War happenings and we were in the heart of the Cherokee Nation. Lots of history happened ’round here.

We passed through a lot of small towns. Then we got to a point to where we could see the “Atlantaisation”…bigger, yuppier houses that were only about 45 minutes south of where I live. As Atlanta grows larger like it’s commutes, eventually it will be “normal” to have people work in both Metro Atlanta and Metro Chattanooga and live in the same area. Not sure if this is good, I’ve see where a lot of the local style has been replaced by fancy stores and SUV’s. It’s progress but at what cost?