two men enter, one man leave

March 15, 2006

{Workbench: Letter from Dave Winer’s Attorney } – “First, we request that you return the $5,000 deposit that Mr. Winer paid you in October 2005 in connection with certain work that you were supposed to perform for Mr. Winer in revising and maintaining Mr. Winer’s website, Mr. Winer had previously sent you a consulting agreement regarding this work and made it clear to you that he would not hire you to perform this work without a written agreement signed by each of you. It is our understanding that neither you nor Mr. Winer signed such an agreement, that the redesigned site was never completed and launched, and that Mr. Winer has advised you that he no longer wishes to use your services for this project.”

Wow. I think we as bloggers should cut out Dave Winer on everything. I’ve witnessed his explosions in person and I had some respect for him, very little but some respect none-the-less. He’s quit blogging for all of an hour, talks about retirement from blogging, etc.

Well guess what?

We really don’t care.


Go on.