One Week Down

March 17, 2006

There’s been a familiar refrain since I’ve turned in my notice, “You know, they normally don’t let you finish out a notice here”. My departure has kinda shocked the management here, to where they weren’t prepared to fill my size 9 1/2’s. It’s been ok, not everyone knows yet, but most do.

I’ve prepared a list of why I’m staying for that final week:

Going out with class, not in flames.

Lotsa knowledge to pass along.

I’m professional even when I’m not treated as such.

Thorn in side until the end.

That top one is what I’m striving for. I’m going to go out with class. For those who don’t work too close to me, they’ll just know that I “missed design” and I’m going to do that for more money/benefits as well as doing something I enjoy. I’ve already got a farewell card and apparently my departure is now the big buzz around the building.

It’s hard leaving people you enjoy working with. But you must do what’s best for yourself. In the end, you’re the one who’s there when the others have gone.