March 24, 2006

I bought an Xbox yesterday, wasn’t really planning, but it was on my “next purchase” list. Not really thinking about using it as a game console, but more of a media center…like this . I work with a couple of people who’ve hacked the hell out of their xboxi with the Xbox Media Center while I’ve been looking at it in parallel.

Originally, I had been thinking about either cobbling together a media PC from what I have at the house or purchasing something like a Mac mini. Remotes are cool, I would have just pieced together a directory listing on a webpage that triggered movies. I wanted something that could hold my huge (to me) MP3 collection as well as rip DVD and could play everything through our cheap-ass surroundsound system. Then I started reading about the XBMC and then my co-web knowledgeable geek at work, said he had it on his Xbox and that I’d need it.

Well, I went to a pawn shop yesterday and wound up purchasing an original Xbox. Nothing fancy, came with two controllers (one wireless), an a switcher box. The wireless control is shit, doesn’t work with new bats…finally found the user manual online…in chinese. The standard control has seen better days. So the first round of improvements will be new controllers and that cheap DVD remote. So for around $30 that part of it will be good.

Next up, will be a modchip and a new hard drive. I know of a guy through a guy who mods Xboxi for $50. So, now I’m figuring up that I’ll spend around $250 for this entire setup…about half a Mac mini and about what I had planned to spend anyways.

In the future, I’ll probably get a $30 wireless connector, since my ether is on the other side of the room.

Granted, I remember playing the Xbox and the PS2 side-by-side and liking the PS2 more. But the game I’m playing now, Call of Honor (european tour), isn’t bad. I’m not a real “into it” game player. I’ll play a video game a few times a year. The wifey is more of the game player. I’m usually a console behind. Anyone want a Dreamcast?