Literally, Feeding Egos

March 24, 2006

I’m being fed like a king today. Management hasn’t said anything, but between the cakes, the BBQ, the little bits of food, the breakfast, the lunch I know that I will be missed. Talk about an ego boost!

Like I’ve said for a while now, the people at work are great. People I’ll actually miss. The work was at time tedious and hours long, but the shop wound up being more stable than when I came in. I honestly feel like this is “my baby” I’m giving up willingly. If the hours improved and the pay and benefits increased, I would have thought about staying a little longer. My goal was to be out by the end of April, and I’ve beat that by a month.

I interviewed a few people for the position and one of them gave me the “nerdies”….nerds that give me a bad impression. My choice for the job is an old-school Mac guy, well respected and could hold a conversation with people….no nerdies there.