..and proud

March 29, 2006

{Up With Grups – The Ascendant Breed of Grown-Ups Who Are Redefining Adulthood — New York Magazine } – “And it’s been a long time coming. It showed up in the early eighties as “the Peter Pan Syndrome,” then mutated to the yuppie, which, let’s face it, has had a pretty good run. Later, it took the form that David Brooks called “bourgeois bohemians,” or bobos (as in Bobos in Paradise). Over in England, they’re now calling them yindies (that’s yuppie plus indie), and here, the term yupster (you can figure that out) has been gaining some traction of late. And as this movement evolves, something pivotal is happening. This cascade of pioneering immaturity is no longer a case of a generation’s being stuck in its own youth. This generation is now, if you happen to be under 25, more interested in being stuck in your youth.”

This is basicially me and a lot of my friends. It goes back to a saying I heard in 2004, that made me really really embrace being 30: “30 is the new 20”.

I think we all remember “thirtysomething”. We’re not like that now. We’re not this boring group of adults, we’re a thriving and living group of people. I’ll tell you, I’ve had more fun in my two and a half years of being in my 30’s, than I ever did in the last decade of being in my twenties.

I’m more social, more fun, I fuck better, I enjoy life more. I’m not as tight-assed in my 30’s and I’m not afraid to let people see the not so straight-laced side of me. I do stay out late, but only really for band-stuff….although, having a vampire’s sleep schedule is really in my family. I’m not a morning person.

Yes, if you’ve know me, you know I’m not a huge fan of yuppies even though I look like one. I’m on the cusps of the quote above, a bohemian. Maybe it’s the “creative” in me or being a musician.

“When I ask Peccini what he sees himself doing in ten years, or at his dad’s age, he gives the typical Grup answer. “That’s a great question,” he says. “I don’t know. But I like my life.””

The linked article ends with questioning the future and I’m doing that too. I’m wondering how long someone can remain a self-taught web designer, when there are kids out there now who have been designing as long as I have AND can actually get a web design degree? Hopefully, I’ll be in management or on tour before that door closes.