Steal the team.

May 2, 2006

As a web designer/programmer for a huge-ass site, let me say that I fucking hate IE7. I tried it once. Hated it. I’ve thought that some of Microsoft’s browsers were amazing…. I used IE 5 starting with a very very early developer’s edition. I was actually hoping they would come out with an awesome browser that could compete with Firefox as well as my personal favorite Safari or Konqueror (daily builds of webkit on OSX w/ K on Ubuntu).

I honestly wish that the browser team at Microsoft would import some developers from some of the Mozilla branches. Get some of the K-Meleon guys to contribute. Get some of the Camino team too. But, don’t use Mozilla to build. Get these people on your team to show you how to think outside of the Scoobleesque Microsofty talk and build something that the world will love. Honestly, someone needs to rattle the Mozilla cage a bit, just to keep them on their toes.