In brief

May 11, 2006

I’ve been swamped, but I’m still keeping a list of links that interest me.

1.) Project Access Partners Provide More Than $6.5 million In Low-Income Healthcare – I developed the original logo for this organization, don’t know if they use it or not.

2.) I’m using Konqueror under KDE on SUSE and GNOME on Ubuntu. Safari/Webkit nightlies under OSX. KHTML on Windows using VMWare Player, seems to be the only way I’ll ever have KTHML/Konqueror under Windows.

I’m not sure where this new-found interest in Linux came from. I’m guessing that it’s because I’m back in the Windows world and quite shocked at how much more progressed Linux has become. I’d say it’s about equal with Windows 2000 currently. Still not the easiest thing to mess with, but it’s still better than nothing at all. The installs are much better and the support forums, Ubuntu for example, are sooo much better than dealing with Slackware or Red Hat hackers 10 years ago.

I’m even to the point of considering a Linux-based laptop as my next machine. The Powerbook is nice and I really dig OS X, but for my needs I can handle having a Mac for Photoshop & file server needs and using Linux for web browsing.

3.) “Is there a way to easily have browsers seek out the new css page now?” – Great solution…..

4.) What happened to MacEdition ?

5.) Concord Road Residents Object To Cell Tower – Invoking the “important to Homeland Security efforts.” line, is the weak way out of a weak argument.

6.) I have a lot on my mind about everything from gas prices, to Tom Cruise pulling a Michael Jackson and trying any/everything to have his name in the news, to the NSA spying being more widespread than thought . I just don’t have the time right now to jot anything down.

My basic question is, “When will we say we’ve had enough”? When will a 31% approval rating, thousands of deaths in Iraq, $3 gas, and internal spying make us rise up and make a change with votes or by calling our representatives?

On a personal note, I’m doing much better and happier with this new job and just life in general. Lots of work to do, I’m working on the two largest projects I’ve ever been involved with and I’ve only been here a month. I’m more of a project manager than anything. However, I got to takeover a few websites and remove javascript menus and replace them with nice css menus instead. While I don’t get to flex my design muscles as much as I thought, I get to do something like that instead. Lots of stuff to try to understand and a big change in just corporate culture from working for a $30mil company vs. a billion dollar one.