Advice to job interviewees…

May 17, 2006

…as given to me by a recruiter

  • Spit out your gum.
  • lose the water bottle. (or ask if you can leave it with a recruiter)
  • don’t sit till asked to do so.
  • turn off your cell phone/pda/blackberry/pager…you get the point.
  • please have examples of past work (or give a url)
  • please have a copy of your resume
  • dress nice. funeral clothes….
  • **due diligence & research. Granted, a lot of these seem like common sense. but it’s not. One of the people, who I interviewed as my replacement for the last job, wore cowboy boots and jeans to the interviews. This was for an IT position, not as a ranch-hand for the “back 40”.

**If you don’t know what due dilligance is, then look it up. Know something about the company to which you’re applying. Seriously, go to Google, type the name in.