May 28, 2006

(this kinda rambles, more stream of consciousness than structured -mk)

People have been swinging in and out of my life lately. People from my past, who I’ve secretly missed, have been chatting again thanks to MySpace. You lose connection with these people and then you just strike up conversations and see why you were friends with them half a lifetime ago.

It’s rare I get a hardcopy newspaper anymore, but this past weekend I purchased a Sunday paper and noticed not one, but three of my old friends in the wedding announcements. I lost touch with these people too, but you get to catch-up and think about times you’ve had in school.

It’s also odd thinking about how old some of my friends’ kids are now. Someone who’s younger than me (32) has a 14 year-old kid (!!). The thought of being 30 or even 32 with a teenage kid, scares the shit outta me. They’re good people and good parents, but I know what I’m like now and just think me with a teenager would be quite comical. I couldn’t do what they do.

My class hasn’t had any reunions, which isn’t too bad since most of my friends in school were either younger or older. But I guess it’s my time in life to want to see some of these people again. I think it’s “The Big Chill ” syndrome, personally…although I really didn’t have a “college experience”.

I grew with a lot of these people, but then you just move on into adulthood. It’s an unusual time, to talk to some of these people and see that we had similar experiences….saturn return (or retrograde, help me out Evie ). I know I’ve changed in just the past 2-3 years and shed a lot of my issues that I’ve had since childhood. I just like talking with my old friends when it seems like I’m not doing very well with more of my “modern friends”.

Without digressing too much, I know we typically shed our friends in 7 year cycles. But I think we’re breaking this now with tools like MySpace and blogs and email.