What'll Ya Have?

May 29, 2006

After a long day, we’re back in town. The wifey and I took my Mom out for her birthday. She didn’t want to hang around town so we went driving with no goal. So instead of the “IHOP & drive to Dahlonega”” plan, we kept the IHOP part and drove around Atlanta.

First a stop at Harry’s market, then a drive around the CNN center…the last time Mom was around there was when there was an Omni and no one even thought about a Phillips Center or even a Georgia Dome. Then we decided to feed Mom’s craving for hot dogs and headed to The Varsity . Of course, it was a good time for my yearly “Varisty Pill” : a couple of Slaw Dogs, onion rings and a Frosted Orange. Mom dug the place and it was nice to just get out and do something different. We should have stopped there, but we wound up at the JC Penney’s outlet.

Like I said, it was a long day and I still have to call a friend before she moves out of town. Maybe I won’t be too bad tomorrow and I can actually enjoy not having a full week….