Hardhat Area

June 2, 2006

Designing this site has always been kinda a “back burner” thing. Never enough time to make the changes, never enough time to test, never enough time period. Honestly, I’m on a computer all day. I usually have Dreamweaver open and making changes to code and usually under the gun. So to go home and do that for fun? Yeah, that doesn’t happen.

To get my mind off of things, I made some initial sketches and an actual mock-up of just a new menu/masthead for the site. Coding it will be a slow process. I have to make sure the menu actually works with everything before I even think of the XHTML or the Movable Type template. I think I’m going to go with something very simple & clean. Nothing too ornate.

I’ll probably just put up a CSS-less page and start building in stages, just to make it kind of a show or a work in progress.

For lack of a better term: “Under Construction”