Whipped Quick

June 3, 2006

Sacred Cow Tipping 3.0 : Codename Euro.

Inspired heavily by the CNN International snipes and was originally set to be Drumblog’s new look, I decided to try it out here. I use keywords, not categories, to change the post’s look on the red pages, will have to work on that in the Euro pages.

I dig this look, probably more than any other look I’ve had. I know it didn’t test well with Drumblog!, but the users there are different than ya’ll here.

This is still a work in progress……


I’ve made some changes and finally have the content DIVs responding to post keywords. I have two keywords that made changes on the Red pages (ary design) and I’ve decided to just have one for now. I might wind up replacing those with category tags or “if then” statements, not sure yet. Ironically, IE is the only browser I have problems with and it’s because of the ancient box model bug. I haven’t tested in IE7, but will later.