June 5, 2006

{Mozilla CEO: ‘Why we’re still shunned in the enterprise’ } – “Baker said: “Enterprises have intranets that only work with IE. We can’t fix their intranet.”

Another hurdle Firefox must overcome is the “heartbreakingly slow” process many enterprises go through to certify the use of a tool as critical as a web browser, according to Baker.

It’s this need to comply with proprietary technology – as well as general quality issues – that, Baker claims, holds IT departments back from going with client-side open source applications, not merely the fact they’re open source.”

Part of the problem goes back for years. When at a critical juncture for Enterprise Mozilla, they didn’t even offer NTLM support. This was back in IE5 times up until 2003 or so. I remember working with a Netscape engineer on the issue, but no one would throw resources at getting Mozilla working on a Microsoft-based network…it was a slow process…you had more people working on XUL Stylesheets to make it pretty. The Mozilla-ites seem to want Enterprise to adapt to them, when it should be the other way around.

Most enterprise customers don’t care about a GUI package, like the customization program. They want something that will work with their firewalls, their system management systems, as well as an email program that is as good as Outlook. They don’t care about tabs or RSS. Oh, and they need support. Mozilla has large companies supporting them, but they still can’t reach the enterprise and *will not* unless they change their attitude.

Yeah, blah blah blah, support. Yeah, there is a forum, but when you deal with arses on the form, why even try to help the community? I had a 30+ install base of Thunderbird on OSX. My users didn’t need a calendar, just email. Thunderbird handled it better than Entourage and, but it was still much more “wonky” than Outlook on a PC.

I like Mozilla, just wish they would get with it……

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