Job Wanted

June 7, 2006

Not for me, but for multiple people from my last place of employment*. I have a few people, very talented people, who need to get out of that hell hole and into a job. These people have some Photoshop & Illustrator experience and a whole lot of experience with QuarkXPress. Some have variable data experience. Let me add, right now they do not care what they’re doing, so long as it pays about the same and offers them respect. They all have my personal reference and it’s something I just don’t hand out too often.

Leave a comment and I’ll pass the names along…..

  • Mass exodus in process. Programming work going to India and process in place to make a 2nd shift for art there as well. The place treats experienced people, some with BFA’s, like they were an illegal out on the plant floor, assembling products.