What We Ate in a Week

June 8, 2006

The New York Diet – What Five of Us Ate in a Week

As an experiment to enlarge the sample pool, New York asked five compatriots to arm themselves with log books and document not just everything they ate but also where and when they did it, for one week in May.

Look quickly, and you’ll see more differences than similarities here. Some of us are scarfing Sour Patch Kids in class, while others dine on lamb shanks and grapefruit Bellinis at the Modern. But look closely and you’ll see that really, we’re all the same: hungry.

Interesting article, I’m gonna do something similar. Let’s make it a meme….report back in a week on your blog and leave a comment here if you’re gonna participate.

If you notice, their diets generally became better as they wrote down more, toward the end of the week. I’m already cringing at something I had for lunch. Not because I was hungry, just had munchies…


I’m serious about this, so I created Daily Diet to keep track.