Green Fuel

June 9, 2006

<a href=”” title=”Students unveil “Trinity,” a 200 mpg SUV at NewFangledGreen” class=”liexternal”>Students unveil “Trinity,” a 200 mpg SUV at NewFangledGreen</a>

If students can make a plug-in hybrid out of an SUV that already exists, why can’t GM, Ford, and others? Plug-in hybrids make so much sense, I can’t understand why the big auto makers aren’t making them!

I’ve been wondering something similar for a while. If we have all of these technical universities coming up with hybrid engines for years, why aren’t they in full production?

If one oil company said, “We’re going to start migration of our stations to hydrogen (or ethanol) and will be complete by 2010.” I wonder how quick the automobile companies would follow-up with engine development? Imagine if one oil company did that. They would be media darlings about being innovative plus they would have a head start for when we’re really in the pits about a lack of oil production.

We only need gasoline currently, because no one has taken a step forward and said, “hey we know you’re suffering with the high costs of gasoline and we’re going to change that”. Instead, we have everyone from the oil companies to the auto companies and the government, making tiny baby steps….when we should have been doing something for the past 30 years.