Lovely Discoveries 

June 18, 2006

or “Things that rocked on the last night of Riverbend.”

Wondering up to the museum stage and just discovering a band. Oteil Burbridge & The Peacemakers were awesome and just a new band I happened to walk into. Very “free” band, make me want to do something similar.

Standing at the front of the stage for Derek Trucks . Awesome band (again) and just a great group of musicians who (again) made very “free” music. I liked the Peacemakers better, but I love Derek’s style of playing.

Again, I wound up heading up toward the museum stage…although this time it was to use the restroom. While I was standing in line, I could look to my left and see the back of the stage and the drummer’s head. The drummer started playing one of the best drum solos I’ve heard in years. So after I “finished up”, I decided to just sit down on the sidewalk and eat a smoked sausage and hear this great band, that turned out to be Robert Walter’s “Super Heavy Organ “.

I kept saying, I think I’ve seen that drummer before….it is Johnny Vidacovich {see also } one of the “masters” of New Orleans style drumming. Never saw him live or heard his playing before, but it’s really made me want to pick up some more of that stuff. Just awesome.

Overall, even though I saw very little of the Allmon Brothers, it was a great evening, musically. Wonderful drumming and music from people who aren’t gonna be on mainstream radio. Made me want to play again. One of the best musical times I’ve had in a long time. Almost religious….