Why I'm a Moderate, Reason 308

June 22, 2006

Workbench: Daily Kos Hid Business Partner’s SEC Lawsuit

Zengerle suggests in a followup that the members of the Liberal Blog Advertising Network have a financial motivation not to publicize this scandal, since the network’s run by Armstrong and Moulitsas with MyDD founder Chris Bowers. Zengerle links to my own experience being ousted from the network last November, which appears to have resulted in a dramatic decline in ad sales on the Drudge Retort.

I hope this looks worse than it is, but on its face, Armstrong behaved reprehensibly and Moultisas won’t own up to it. Investors lost millions on dubious Internet stocks like BluePoint during the dot-com boom, and Armstrong allowed himself to become one of the famous blogging wunderkinds of the Howard Dean campaign while he was under active SEC investigation.

Liberal or Conservative, it doesn’t really matter. They’re both hiding shit. It’s interesting to see Koz’s group jump on Rogers for running this story. I’ve always avoided Koz’s camp, since he’s just as much as a loony-ass motherfucker as his equal on the right, Charles Johnson.

The world has it’s share of checks and balances, yin-yang, etc. That’s nature. Bizarroworld it may be, but politics is a good example of that. There is enough bullshit on either side, if you ignore that, you’re just contributing.