Blonde & Blue

June 26, 2006

My best friend through high school was someone I loved for years…….I loved her like a sister. As she went down a bad path, I went along another. We split and only spoke a couple of times in about 13 or so years. I even went through a phase where I didn’t want anyone in the family to speak her name. Finally I stopped thinking about her.

I was so much a part of her family, and she mine, that I still think of her brother as my brother and her mom as my 2nd mom. My mom and her mom were best friends. So when I lost her, I felt I lost that 2nd family.

Last summer, I received an email from her. Her mom was diagnosed with cancer and they weren’t too sure that she would recover. It wasn’t looking good and she wasn’t doing too well. Her mom, while a tough-ass woman, was pretty weak. My friend, thought that having my mom around again would be good for the spirit.

My mom wasn’t doing well either, sickness and financial stuff kicking her ass, it made me break down when I heard about my friend’s request and hurt even more when I had to break the news. I made sure my mom knew and I had to not even think of emailing her….

Ok, almost a year later. My 2nd mom is kicking ass and has a lot of energy. My mom is doing better and (thanks to myspace), I’ve started talking to my friend again. We’re going to have lunch for the first time in over a decade and that makes me feel happier than felt in a while. Feel like doing the Snoopy Dance .

Life isn’t peachy, but it’s getting better….