Blogs on 'Sunday Morning'

July 9, 2006

It’d odd watching one of my favorite shows and seeing a segment about blogging. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic , since I’ve been at this for a while, and remember when no one knew what the hell blogging is. I remember getting strange looks when I’d explain what my website was about. Family didn’t understand and it caused some early rifts.

“Most people aren’t blogging to connect to the world”, was one of Meg’s quotes and fits very well. My blog was originally set to talk about computer stuff and let my friends know what was going on. I hated sending email out and most of my friends scattered and weren’t local anymore. Then I saw it, almost as public access and my own little opinion column. So more of my opinions came in.

Pogue, starts toward the negative and talks about “blog attacks”. People, a stock market manipulator for instance, and some of the anonymous attacks people have received. And here is where the “someone has to manage free speech” part comes in. But why does someone have to “manage free speech”?

David Pogue did the segment’s beginning and end in pajamas, trying to make it a bit cutesy, talking about blogging about cats. It’s almost making me feel a bit embarrassed to say I’m a blogger. It trivializes a lot of what we do, when it’s become cutesy like that. Sure we all blog about cats or dogs, it makes what we do seem like a diary entry.

He interviewed Anna Marie Cox and discussed the snarky, cynical posts people make. Pogue may blog, but I’m beginning to really not like where professionals are taking what originally was an amateur space. People of his ilk have been trivalizing what amatures did for years, when mainstream media (yes MSM (sic)) ignored what we did. Now finally they couldn’t ignore bloggers and they come in and fuck it all up.

Yes, I’m feeling jaded and very cynical about blogging. The amature voice is slowly being obscured….not saying everyone has to post about politics or news or be on CNN, but we need a better way to navigate and find what people are saying…because in some cases, bloggers are saying it better with better research.