Virtual Servers

July 13, 2006

I’m a secret virtualization geek, so I’m spazzing out today. Both Microsoft and VMWare have released free products. Virtual PC is now free and VMWare has added Server to it’s free product line, that includes VMWare Player.

I ran VMware Player at home to see if I liked Ubuntu. I also ran Virtual PC for years on a Mac for website testing and to run little apps that corporations require you to run. I’ll probably install VMWare server on our little home workhorse to virtualize some of the ideas for a home media center. We’re also running the hell outta the VMWare ESX stuff at work.

Virtual PC isn’t bad, it keeps getting better. I always thought VMWare was a better product, but we didn’t have it on the Mac. I even ran RealPC (r.i.p )on the Mac, many moons ago under OS 8 & 9…