User Testing

July 19, 2006

Advertising Age – Wal-Mart Tries to Be MySpace. Seriously – “It’s a quasi-social-networking site for teens designed to allow them to “express their individuality,” yet it screens all content, tells parents their kids have joined and forbids users to e-mail one another. Oh, and it calls users “hubsters” — a twist on hipsters that proves just how painfully uncool it is to try to be cool.” – Via Torez

I think Wal-Mart’s lack of user testing might bite them in the ass on this one. You have to ask teens personally about what they would want, this site looks like it was put together by a late 30-something Mom who could care less about what kids like…or has the entirely wrong view of what kids like.

Then again, if you have the type of money that Wal-Mart has, you can afford to spend $500k on a project that will be used by, what they’ll say are tens of thousands, but more than likely, it will be used by Wal-Mart managers and corporate kiss-asses who have to show company loyalty.