Human, Not Liberal or Conservative

July 21, 2006

Charles Barkley Abandons Conservatism: ‘The Word Conservative Means Discriminatory’ – “”The word conservative means discriminatory practically. It’s a form of political discrimination. [Conservatives are] against gay marriage and for a war that makes no sense. A war that was based on faulty intelligence. That’s all they ever talk about. That and immigration. Another discriminatory argument for political gain.”

I agree with him 100% on this….Seriously, it’s no longer politics but a series of beliefs about how we respect a person’s rights. It’s not about states rights or national rights anymore, it’s about the personal agendas being pushed around by both sides. I trust conservatives as much as I trust liberals.

We are dealing with an administration, who’s beliefs in family are only on the surface. Social services have been cut, aid that would provide families with much needed aid. We have huge churches popping up, but we still have hungry folks running around. We don’t pay our teachers, police, etc enough and most are barely making a living wage. I know janitors who make more than cops.

We need to take an interest in principles that are based on being human instead of being based on political, social-economic, or religious grounds…because those have failed us miserably.