Jobs Knows

July 23, 2006

<a href=”” title=”Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos meet “Ginger” - HBS Working Knowledge” class=”liexternal”>Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos meet “Ginger” – HBS Working Knowledge</a>

After another pause, Tim moved on to the issue of service, determined to move ahead despite the punches coming at him. Within two sentences, Jobs was on him again. Tim put up his next slide, about the new plant, but again Jobs came at him with a flurry of half-insolent questions. Where are you building a plant? Why are you building a plant? Why are you manufacturing the machine yourselves?

Partly, explained Tim, because giving our code to someone else would be a great risk. Not a good reason, in Jobs’s view, because the code could easily be reverse-engineered. No it couldn’t, said Tim. Could, said Jobs. He added that Tim should be spending money and management time on other things, especially since there was no way he could convince any world-class manufacturing and procurement people to move to New Hampshire, for God’s sake, his tone implying that only slow-witted rubes could bear such a place. Dean lifted an eyebrow.

“We have an adequate staff”, said Tim defensively, but it sounded as weak as the adjective. Tim had lost control of the meeting. That was probably Doerr’s plan all along. Dean sat silently, offering no help or defense as Jobs rampaged through Tim’s presentation.

Let me say that I’m am entirely behind Jobs on this suggest, because he *did* build his own plant, when he started NeXT and it entirely kicked his ass and took his attention away from Management. He used it as a showroom, but arrogance of youth took his attention to flash instead of substance.

I know a lot of people don’t like Jobs for his attitude, but if you read through the article and not the snips on SVN , you’ll see he had a great vision for the Ginger. Listen to Jobs, because he’s thought about most things deeper than you…is the gist of what I’m getting from this article.