Blessing Meet Curse

July 26, 2006

I’m not entirely sure if this was a blessing or a curse, but the bit major deadline for my first large project at work has had a suggestion to push the deadline two months later than initially needed.

While the programmers on my team have their stuff together, it’s those programmers who I don’t see on a daily basis or have no access to, that seems to worry me….honestly, it’s not the programs that worry me, it’s the content providers (the text) and my outside vendor.

We could really use the extra time so the vendor fucking up could be a “good thing”™ in the long run. Yes, I said it. I’m a project manager who is very glad his deadline won’t be met…mainly so we can give a better product instead of something who’s QA time was slowly being devowered by project scope.

I think there was a general “phew” about this change of date, mainly it meant that instead of just throwing skin/css changes over existing apps, we could actually take the time to rewrite them and make them a bit snazzier (ajax-ifying them, honestly, instead of using iframes or tables).

It also means that our “killer feature” won’t kill me in how the vendor completely dropped the ball, but instead be something I can be proud of instead of wanting to drive to an office and hit the bottoms of someone’s feet with a bamboo cane until they did what was asked.