Now With More Puppy

July 26, 2006

[Terminal 3] Unmentionable Cuisine by Daniel Maurer

For the restless person, eating unusual food– for instance a baby pigeon at New York City’s mecca of weird food, Congee Village– is the only way to experience the exciting and exotic while listening to his lunchmate complain about his job for the umpteenth time. Simple mastication becomes an escape and an adventure; an act of enlightenment and transgression; the culinary equivalent of foreign travel– a means of experiencing flavors that are at once comfortingly familiar yet wonderfully strange. Knowing the secret tastes of foods such as barbequed ovaries (or “balls on a string,” as they are called in Japan) makes you feel like someone whose lover does illicit and delightful things in bed (perhaps also with balls and a string)– you want to tell everyone about them, but when you do, you are met with a mixture of awe and revulsion.

I found this while trying to find more about the “mellified man” boingboing discussed . I can honestly say that more and more I learn about food, the more I want to become a vegetarian. The idea of eating honey coated remains from Arabia or ant eggs from Mexico, makes me wanna turn in my “foodie” badge. I mean, I’ll try anything once, but even I have my limits.