Thoughts on Firefox

August 3, 2006

Mozilla reaches 15% of browser market – ON ITS Spreadfirefox web site, Mozilla claims that Firefox has acquired about 15 per cent of the global usage share in the nearly 21 months since it was released. It has now passed the 200 million download mark.

I don’t know if I want to completely call “b.s” on this. But from my prospective, I’m seeing the Mozilla-based browsers coming in at about 4-6%. While all of my co-workers use Firefox or Flock , we’re still seeing a 95% saturation rate with IE.

While I can’t really divulge exact numbers, let’s just say that I get between 3-6 million hits a month on one of the sites I work on. It’s a general site, visited by general consumers, employers, and customers. It has information that anyone from grandmothers to geeks would use somewhere in their life. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that it’s a good cross-section of who’s out on the web.

Now, *this* site is tremendously Firefox-saturated. We’re talking about 50/50. And don’t hand me that stuff about being able to change a user-agent, because not too many people do that.

While I do hope that IE7 is a huge flop that will drive people toward a Mozilla-based browser*, I honestly don’t believe people will migrate in that pattern. I mean, I still run into people who have IE4 on their Windows 98a systems. The transition to IE6 took years because people were reluctant to change…and be it IE7 or Mozilla, that holds true.

*I say “mozilla-based browser” because I’m more of a fan of what Flock and the Camino crews are doing with the Mozilla code than what the geek-centered Firefox have been doing. I honestly think that the Mozilla Foundation really needs to bring some of the best of these browsers into Firefox…because seriously that’s where the “sexy” is. Not in utter geekspeak, in features that look and are cool. IE will never have these features and will never be as modern as Flock

Firefox ‘not being aggressive enough’ – He suggested that the Mozilla Foundation, which distributes Firefox, should be “more explicit about targeting the enterprise, because there’s probably more willingness, certainly on the part of the independent software vendors out there, to do business”.

See, this too. They’re trying to get the home, when the enterprise is where the action is.

Mozilla, seriously you need some business people to get your browser technology into billion dollar companies as a standard, instead of geeks sneaking it in, like most of the places I’ve worked.

Instead of trying to pick a fight with Microsoft, don’t even mention them. That’s what Coca-Cola does. Talk about why you’re different and better. Enough of this gamer talk.