Hospital Browsing

August 10, 2006

Hospitals now offer high-speed Internet – “To me it was just a no-brainer,” said Albert Pilkington III, chief executive of Fairmont General Hospital in Fairmont, W.Va. “It puts more time in my employees’ hands and it improves the quality of service.”

Fairmont General’s system, which Pilkington expects to be online within 90 days, will include a numeric keypad that can be used for everything from choosing a movie or a video game to ordering items from the gift shop or requesting room temperature changes.

I talked to a companies about this, years ago, when I worked for a small hospital in North Georgia. The companies, at the time, were suggesting we use a WebTV to accomplish this. We balked at the idea and thought about talking to some of the same people hotels use.

In 2000, this was gonna cost us around $800k for our 180-bed facility. It’s good to see that the price has dropped a couple of hundred thousand and it’s even better that they’re using something other than a WebTV.

We wound up setting this idea aside, mainly because our finance people cut our staff from 8 to 3 and our budget from 1.2 million to about $300k. So while we were progressive, we were also severely underfunded.

* sidenote *

We even went so far with this, to have discussed it briefly with I.T. and decided to have a “patientnet” and a “corpnet”.