Terry Ted Bozzio

September 2, 2006

Music: Terry Bozzio

What are words for, when no one listens anymore?” In 1982, when his hit New Wave band Missing Persons was riding the charts with “Words,” Terry Bozzio asked precisely that musical question. Nearly 20 years later, the Los Angeles session man, who moved to Austin two years ago, has taken to asking a different question: “What are drums for?” If attempting to answer the latter query as a solo drum act sounds a bit monotonous, then you haven’t been listening to Terry Bozzio.

I should preface this with a note, that Terry Bozzio is one of those drummers who has almost been a constant inspiration to me. Some people dig Rush’s Neal Peart, I liked Bozzio instead.

Aside from being a drumming badd-ass, listen to Zappa’s “baby snakes” video/album for an early earfull. His drumming on Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop, made a school trip to Daytona Beach in 1990, something memorable. I sat on a bus, with my mouth agape for most of the ride. Slowly I passed it around and all of my guitar buddies were all freaking out too.