Dominey's Desk

September 3, 2006

Flickr: Archive of byrdhouse’s photos posted to Flickr on 29th August 2006

Todd Dominey has a very pimped-out office. Very nice, love how the cables are hidden through a compartment under the desk.

My main home computing environment, is a laptop in my lap or on the coffee table while I’m sitting on the floor. This is how I really dig cable-less offices. Having a laptop w/ Skype or Vonage could literally mean having one wire: power.

We do have a nasty cabled computer, a XP box under a nice (non-computer) desk. It mainly handles our CD & DVD ripping/burning. We’re soon to ditch that machine/desk combo in favor of an all laptop home…aside from the server running casanet. We’re adding a small little area in the closet of the 2nd bedroom, so we can have a printer, a place to hold our tiny server, and for our scanner. If I worked at home, I don’t think I’d change this setup too much.