January 3, 2007

I’m sitting back, really wanting to do some sort of project for me and me alone. Just something fairly low-cost, nothing like the million I helped to spend at work. So I’m trying to get a loan for a new system AND working on building a MythTV box.

I originally wanted to use my X-Box, but it’s too much hassle. Instead, I’m looking at using a headless laptop and some sort of USB video system connected to my 400gb USB drive. Dammit, I want something geeky and DIY…..

I’m also working on ideas for this site and my others. Somehow, I’m gonna combine three domains into one. I have a plan to use ssi’s and php calls. I have it down on my whiteboard, but have no idea of the technique. I don’t want something stock from the SMARTY templates, just something I used my Georgian mind to solve.