Many Moons

February 9, 2007

I started blogging using some basic FrontPage templates until I discovered Blogger around 2/2001, some 6 years ago. When I decided to revive this domain using a bunch of Google hosting (Blogger, Gmail/Google Apps for your domain), that number hit me in the face.

Not just my time online, been online since 1994, but it was the fact that when I started blogging it was just a few thousand of us. No mention on the news, Dave Winer & Kottke were our rockstars, and Blogger was one of the few “blogging” apps that perked my interest. I wanted something more automated, never would I have thought that even this, an automated CMS, would even define parts of my career.

Parts of my job now, involve blogging and updating websites through a web browser. The fact that people were buzzing about blogs at work showed me how far we (as personal publishers) have come.

I’ve decided to keep this domain and make it my own again. Somewhat older, somewhat wiser, a little more cynical, thinner, and more introspective.