February 22, 2007

I won a contract recently to design a couple of pages for a local organization. Nice folks, they got a good price and will eventually get a good community built out of all of this. But I’m feeling a little drained and can’t come up with some good ideas for their site.

I tend to look at everything from newspapers to bottle labels to get ideas for color or even a certain style. Of course, it’s nice to look at similar sites but in this case most of them don’t have the look I’m going for. I don’t want “corporate”, I don’t want “tried & true”, I want a personality. I want the design to say “I’m ______ and this is who I am”. Sometimes this gets me in trouble, but a good design (either by my hand or someone else’s) comes through. damn, that sounded a little egotistic didn’t it?

I guess I’m bossy and want things a certain way. I always want to push for something better, pushing usually myself to the brink but I don’t know if I could work any other way. It’s odd knowing you’re taking a few days off, the first in a few months sans holiday off-time. You get so use to driving yourself to work a certain way that when you pull back, it’s like you’re a little off kilter. You’re in a strange place creatively but you still have to create.

I’m the king of self-analysis so I’m really looking at how I can create something during these few days of relaxation AND step back and not worry about work-work but come up with something new and fresh. The keyword, “fresh”.