Rubber Soul

March 7, 2007

I try not to gush, in this new found sense of blogging, but I can only say that I’m happy.

A few weeks ago, I received an email (on myspace) from one of my oldest friends, whom I haven’t seen in about 6 years. The last time I saw him, was the day I proposed to my wife…so that was about mid 2001….but I digress. I had played music with this friend, in a very good band, way back in 2003-2005. We had a good following, but drugs, jail for one member and my friend’s sobriety and turn to Christianity took him from the band. After that, the other members split off into other bands. I had stints with each other member in various projects, but the 4 of us remained apart, musically, since 1995.

So the email said, roughly, that he had spoken with the former members of the band and we’d like you to play with us to see what could happen. While not all of us could make it, it was nice to sit down, over 10 years after this band, and talk and reminisce about all of the crap we got into. We could still remember parts of our original songs and we actually wrote the basis for a new song. It was very energetic and we’re just trying to see what could happen.

Aside from my stint with the wonderful EvD in 3rd Road, Rubber Soul was the most open and free band I’ve ever been in. As a part of going back to remember some of the family we had together, we talked about how the band felt “good” and with almost no drama. It felt good, like a nice sweater or or a cozy blanket.

Not saying that this is a full-on project, but it’s just nice playing music with people with whom you have a long and outstanding music history. Playing in high school, badd asss talent shows where the guitarist would have a wireless rig and where he walked through the crowd. Awesome shit. More (steady) gigs than I could ever imagine. We would play for crowded rooms.

Unfortunately, like I mentioned earlier, drugs had a lot to do with our downfall. I was stone cold sober, didn’t even drink back then. But we were young and had vices and those lead to our downfall. Actually, if we didn’t stop that downfall, someone would have died. So, I’d much rather lose a band than a bandmate and a friend.