Funny, this makes me feel free.

April 20, 2007

I think I really need to stop trying to have a daily/weekly whatever weblog. So I’ve moved back to my own server with my own MovableType install. No categories or tags, just an occasional post & photo.

In February 2007, I started a new blog here just to get the blood moving again. In moving back to MovableType, I decided to only bring over the best of those posts….not too many IMHO. But that’s fine and really helped to get my ideas together.

From now on these are gonna be just random posts, whenever I really feel like posting and have something to say. In a way, I feel somewhat crippled because of this medium. It’s public aspect is much more public than when I started back in 2000. Now it seems like *everyone* knows what blogging is and it seems like it’s nothing to just have a blog and write about X and Y. But it’s limiting to know how untrusting it is to be open and honest and have the occasional person waiting to twist your words around. I dealt with this in the old days and hope that I can be fairly honest around here now…

Nothing really personal but mainly my opinions of working with technology and companies and the various industries of which I’m a member.