Work Blogging

April 27, 2007

Without giving away too much, we launched some internal blogs at work. We started with two VP’s and we’ve even had our first flame war. Much fun indeed.

I believe that once people realize that, “wow, I have a boss who posts this stuff online without fear, I can comment and tell them what I think, without fear.”, you get a rather free-flow of information and you build an audience. It’s far from the typical company publishing something about promotions or a tweaked press release. When you write something unique, people want to keep coming back for more.

The flame war was interesting, we went from 1 to 5 comments on posts to one post with about 50+ comments. We had all levels going back and forth….managers, techies, claims processors, every level of the company…maybe sans VPs arguing about a couple of touchy issues. With new-found “freedom”, civility can sometimes take a backseat.