June 7, 2007

I haven’t had a lot to say recently. Mainly due to the fact that I’ve been busy, personal writing hasn’t been on the radar. I’m more covetous of my personal time, selfish as it may be, however part of that is a disconnect from the computer’s keyboard.

I look at websites now and just think, “wow, I see they’re using x as their environment”, where x = (WebSphere, Java, PHP, Flex, Flash, onions, etc). I don’t really see a lot of design innovation (guilty), everything is Ajaxed (guilty) , over whatever……

…..let me cut this sentence short and come back to this….

I love working on new websites, the whole process is a fun collaborative process, until you crash into a wall or step on toes. Then you perform the delicate dance to get everyone back on track and focused all while you worry about time or creativity. Because I’m not that great of a dancer, I’ve had to decline or basically tell people “no” about a couple of requests for websites. I don’t feel right taking people’s time (or money).

So to combine both that sentence about my love of working on websites and the previous one about looking at websites, I’m doing pretty good with the stuff I do at work and really hate looking at my personal websites, because I want it to be as good as the frigging massive ones I work on daily. I want to devote time to build something that looks and works well. But I hate going down that semi-religious route of ASP/PHP/Portal, CSS/HTML…blah blah fucking blah.

That’s the disconnect.