friends, fetish, reality

June 15, 2007

MySpace really seems to be this little “soup” of memories of people and memories of a constant class reunion. Now my experiences are different, in the fact that during my recent “MySpace purge”, I decided to only “friend” people who I actually know or whom are acquaintances.

Most of these people are from my high school years, some from work, a few just from being connected to others. It’s a bubbling little broth as I start to talk with these people, some after a 15-year lull. You see how they’ve branched out into new lives beyond school and into new careers, families, and troubles and insight.

How do you explain to someone, that this little town where you left, is no longer the peachy wonderland it once was? How do you let people know, “dammit, I missed you”? Then you start to analyze what really has changed in 15 years in this place where they left and you stayed.

“Well there’s a new highway running through most of your small community”.

In all seriousness, nothing much has changed. The house where you friend lived, is still there. It’s older, a little more tree-covered, but all-in-all it’s still the same as it was in 1992 as it was in 1982. The big city has changed but these small little communities have basically remained unchanged. Still working class, still god-fearing people. More subdivisions, more schools, more people.

It’s also interesting to see families from these friends. You always knew they would have kids and a wife or someone in their life. Or you see their desire to have a family or hear about their heartache or just see someone “lost” and starting over.

Ultimately, we’re voyeurs, we’re observers. We’re reality show bombarded and profiles and blogs just seem to have us all joining in this little fetish with watching people live.