Catching Up

June 23, 2007

So Mike, what’s been going on in the year and a half since you originally closed down the blog?

I’ve left the publishing & printing industry and moved back into a somewhat Healthcare position. Actually, it’s insurance. I spent about a year and a half as a Macintosh/Pre-Press Systems Administrator at a sweatshop of a place in Dalton, Georgia. While I’m a good sysadmin; I managed about 30-50 OS X workstations and servers, 20 Windows servers, 6 HP Indigo presses, I realized that I really disliked systems administration and wanted to get back into Web Design….

So after looking for about 6 months, I stumbled upon an in-town position, via LinkedIn, with BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee. Originally it was to be, more or less, a liaison between Marketing & IT…Web Marketing. Over the course of the past year at BCBST, I’ve launched the largest project I’ve ever been a part of…the redesign of . I’m also now a Team Lead, beyond my original responsibilities and working with a great set of programmers, designers, fellow jacks of all (web) trades.

The other change, has been shifting from a design position to more of a project manager position. While my title is that of an analyst programmer, my main role is to get projects together with the correct design and to coordinate people from around the company. This has been a little, well….odd at times.

Musically, I’m working with a group of musicians I’ve worked with a majority of my life. I was in a band with them about 12 years ago and as I mentioned before, it was my favorite band.

Personally, the wife and I are better than ever. We’re now in Ringgold, Georgia really looking at moving back to Chattanooga. We still have our two cats, btw. I think every relationship has it’s rough moments, we had ours, but ultimately it came down to communication, medications, and some sacrifices.

All in all, it’s not bad.