June 29, 2007

The bit recently about bloggers taking money to recite the Microsoft company line has made me look at my philosophy about blogging:

Writing tech is boring. Microsoft is boring. Fill a niche and fill it well or shut up.

Granted, I’m not exactly writing Keats here or anything really interesting beyond a few people, but the thought of keeping a geeky blog is as boring as half of those Byte magazines I read in the 90’s (except Pournelle’s column). Anyone blogging just tech, just bores me beyond tears.

The niche I wrote about for years, was a mix of my life and web design and philosophy of life. As soon as I felt I wasn’t unique and I didn’t do what I did well, I took a break and did something else. I had another blog or two, one was Drumblog, and that too was something I never wanted to do half-ass. I couldn’t get advertisers, even though I was getting actual Pro’s and companies giving me emails and words of encouragement. I couldn’t build the site like I wanted but then I saw MySpace and drum-related forums doing more than I ever could. My goals for the site failed, so I packed it in.

If someone took money to write positive things about a company, wouldn’t that person be a shill? If a reporter did the same thing, it’s unethical. If a blogging reporter did it, then you’re just an idiot, you’re making us all look bad. I helped, along with many many more important others, to push this medium called blogging, into it’s popularity.

You’re making us all look like we can be bought. At least, you got bought for something other than a Zune..