iPhone Thoughts

July 2, 2007

I had a chance to play around on a friend’s Apple iPhone. First impressions, it functions as you’ve seen in the commercials. Safari works. Works well. I agree with Steve Jobs, that the web is the iPhone’s API. Honestly, why would you want to develop for one platform (Facebook, AOL, Blackberry) when you can develop for the web and have it work on computers, TVs and telephones. Why develop for only a PDA, when you can develop using a web service AND basic html (maybe eventually Flash). You have all of the web programming platforms, instead of using some proprietary b.s. to get into the phone, you use the browser and use PHP, Perl, ASP, .NET, Java, etc. Kottke hit the nail on the head , but he was initially referring to Facebook.

I remember thinking that when the iPod first launched, that it would be a complete failure. I learned my lesson. The iPod revolutionized music and purchasing entertainment online. The iPhone will do the same thing. It will revolutionize how we interact with portable media (music/movies), use the web and use the telephone. We have to really look outside of the box and bring the best experience to these new devices, because (my friends), these people will lead your company to the future.

Recently, a few of my fellow developers sat down and started brainstorming about how we can develop with these devices in mind. We’re talking html, css, Google Maps, banking, IM, etc. By playing around with the iPhone, I immediately saw the shortcomings in how we (as designers and web developers, and web people in general) think. Again, this would target the mobile users without having to code wml pages but it’s also the demographic of the early adopters and the financially able, who would use and see the benefit in these experimental ideas.

TV is doomed. Newspapers are doomed. (in how we currently know them)……..

The YouTube app made me see how commercials would be presented. If the iPhone had a decent interface for RSS, why read a paper? You have your inbox, your calendar, etc. You’ll also have your movies and TV shows…so why not commercials? Why not use BitTorrent through the iTMS and whatever is used for AppleTV? Pump commercials in, but read into viewing habits more and create targeted advertising. Just a thought….

Maybe I’ve had a little too much of the Jobsian Kool-aid, but I can immediately see how someone will look at this new device and wow most everyone with something none of us thought possible.