A Redesign

August 3, 2007

I’ve been off the radar for the past few weeks since restarting this blog. But it’s all for good reason….work. My team just finished a new site for one of our subsidiaries . It’s the first project from the team, where we did all of the work from requirements, to design, to launch.

I didn’t manage the project, another teammate did, but I did the css, html, & Teamsite stuff based off some great graphics and ideas from our graphic designer . It was truly a team effort both from the team, department and our business owner.

This is the first site where we used the grids concept and it’s the first where we used “The House Metaphor{.liinternal}“. It’s soooo flexible to design using grids and to build basic structures, frameworks and methodology for designing other sites. Even the forms for our CMS (Interwoven’s Teamsite) are flexible enough to drop into a new site with very few config changes.

We did a soft launch over the weekend and now we’re tweaking the stylesheets and some of the html that’s not meeting Section 508 or W3C. Lots of tiny corrections.

For the next project, which one? We have a few but I’ll talk more about those later.