Vacation: Day Four

August 25, 2007

We checked out today and decided to hit Charleston, SC and stay in Savannah, GA. The drive from Myrtle Beach to Charleston is down highway 17, a nice rural trek with a bunch of small towns and beach-y places. We passed through the Sweetgum basket road, nice drive into the “real” South Carolina. During this drive, we decided that we really didn’t want to stay anywhere but home. Yes, we were getting homesick. But that also meant being on the road for about 10 hours, aside from our stops.

Stopped in Charleston, very nice and overly HOT…friggin’ hot town. Strolled through the city market and walked a little through town and decided to go ahead and leave…didn’t really dig the town too much. Ok, another two hours on the road to Savannah.

Got to Savannah and were absolutely shocked at how many places were being renovated or changed since my last visit in 2003. Some of this meant, no parking anywhere. Couldn’t find a spot on a Wednesday afternoon. We were also shocked at how “touristy” it became.

I started going to Savannah in 1996, right as “The Book”, “Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil”, started to take off. You got to see some of the funky, coolness of the town and this set off the first wave of renovations and brought Savannah to national attention. I dug the town during this time, laid back very arty because of SCAD, very…i dunno, “me”. I almost moved down there..

Now, we’re noticing a 2nd wave of attention, thanks to Paula Dean. The Days’ Inn is now some fancy new Days Inn, the Best Western where we spent our honeymoon is now a little fancier, the new Lady & Sons’ is where one of my favorite antique stores was. It’s just bringing a lot of tour-rons to this funky place, making it more family-friendly and knocking it to being a mild place. River St. has (in my times) been a tourist trap…nice places to eat, but everyone had all of the same products….pirate t shirts, Paula Dean books and sauces, and “The Book”.

So after being disappointed and having a little meltdown because of the heat, the humidity, and being damn tired, we decided to head up I-16 to Macon, GA for dinner. Hit a nice thunderstorm outside of Pooler and kept driving two hours up the road. Finally, after a decent dinner we headed up I-75 through Atlanta and finally home…after about 14 hours on the road…making a giant loop from when we started on Sunday.